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Womens holdall

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You know what it's like when you just can't pack everything in to your favourite bag.  Our womens holdall styles can fix that problem so well!  We have some gorgeous bags in all sizes that you can pack all  you need in to.   The tough vintage leather with the brass buckles and catches and hardy zip will keep  your treasured  possessions safe and sound.

The womens holdall bags are beautiful too.   Made from goat hide vintage leather, it is deep with character.  Lines, wrinkles and grain in the leather make it as unique as your own fingerprints. No other bag will be the same.

These are handmade by genuine artisans in a small family workshop  in India.  Pick you new womens holdall up and you will immediately feek the quality.  Take a browse through our showroom and get back to us with any questions.