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Womans handmade leather briefcase

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The womans handmade leather briefcase is from a selection that is stylish, fashionable and very durable.

Our vintage leather briefcases are made  to last.   Using beautiful goat  hide that is lightweight, but very tough your handmade leather briefcase is a work of art.  Made with passion and care to ensure that  you get the best quality and that your possessions are safe and sound for the duration.

The womans handmade leather briefcase made from vintage leather is a stylish accessory that will get better and better with the years.   Show  your leather briefcase a little care and it will stay with you for many years.

Made in family community workshops around the world using classical traditional  methods, the handmade presence is clear and adds authenticity to your bag.  This range is growing, so don't to tell your friends!