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Vintage leather rucksack

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Among some of our best selling vintage leather bags, the vintage leather rucksack is popular with all ages.

Made from some of the best quality leather around, your vintage leather rucksack is a very useful item which will remain with you for a good long time.

Large pockets on  your vintage leather rucksack enable you to keep  all the precious cargo safe and sound. Your vintage leather rucksack has been made using traditional artisan leather work methods passed down through the generations. Extreme pride is taken in the manufacture so that your vintage leather rucksack looks and feel fabulous as it should  do.

All the buckles and fixtures are made  from tough brass and the zips are the best in the market so that they open and close when you want them to, not when they want to!

Please take  a browse through our shop and come back with any questions.