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Vintage Leather Laptop Bags

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Handmade vintage leather laptop bags, it's all about style over fashion.  Genuine leather laptop bags stand the test of time.   These leather bags are well made and hard wearing meaning that your leather laptop bag will stay with you loyally for many years to come.

Your vintage leather laptop bag is handmade with love and care to create a tough but protective home for your fragile laptop.  Inside it is soft and flexible to avoid scratching.  Leather laptop bags are light to carry and tough to protect.  

Leather laptop bags are the ultimate carrier for your laptop.   The large hard wearing pockets have plenty of  room for those important cables, chargers and plug-ins.   Make your leather laptop bag more comfortable to carry with its wide adjustable leather strap. Strong brass buckles and clips make your leather laptop bag secure and safe.

Your laptop is precious cargo and you will want to have confidence that your laptop bag is going to take care of it.  Vintage leather is tough and hard wearing.  It takes some battle to damage this kind of leather.  In time it softens and your vintage leather laptop bag becomes more comfortable to wear and looks even better.

Vintage leather bags are popular with men and women.  Aswell as protecting your own cargo, they are great gifts.  Each bag carries its own leather characteristics, which makes it individual as you are.  Vintage leather has character.  Each piece  of leather is different from the next.   Even with the natural oils that enhance the colour to your leather laptop bag, the leather, like a finger print remains individually beautiful with its own flaws and imperfections.

As a gift, it is individual, a gift of a vintage leather bag is unique and a gift that is not the same as any other leather laptop bag.

Vintage leather laptop bags for men and vintage leather laptop bags for women are  popular the world over.   Its individuality is  representative of the person who carried it.  It's keeper,  your vintage leather bag will remain with you for years with a little care.  See our info on leather care  A  little care can go a long way with your vintage leather bag and make superb value for money.

Our vintage leather laptop bags come in various sizes to fit most  laptops:

13" Vintage Leather Laptop Bag

14" Vintage Leather Laptop Bag

15" Vintage Leather Laptop Bag

16" Vintage Leather Laptop Bag

17" Vintage Leather Laptop Bag