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Vintage Leather Briefcases

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Vintage leather briefcases are a style icon that has stood the test of time and has just kept on going.  Briefcases bags with their utilitarian build and cool style have been around since the beginning of bag culture!  Vintage leather in one form or another has been with us since the dark ages.

Now vintage leather messenger bags are a mainstay is every day style. The style of leather messenger bags carries across leather briefcases, leather laptop bags, leather shoulder bags and so many different styles.  Leather briefcases look great on all ages from trendy young hipsters to serious city traders.  Your vintage leather briefcase means you are a keeper.  It  will stay with you for many years with a little care.   See our leather care page.

When you buy a vintage leather briefcase from us, you know it has been created  with care and passion.   We work with artisans worldwide who craft vintage leather briefcases for us.  Tough stitching on the edges hold your vintage leather briefcase together and hard wearing  brass buckles keep everything in place.

Your leather briefcase carries its cargo with care.  The tough leather walls of your leather briefcase are a protective barrier that cares for its  contents.  Softening with age, the vintage leather briefcase just gets more gorgeous.  Still as protective as always and ages as gracefully as grandma!

Leather briefcases are a favourite as a daily workbag with  style.   Vintage leather briefcases with their large pockets give plenty of space for carrying you laptop, tablet or iPad.  Lots of space for shopping.  If  you are using this for work, your leather briefcase can carry all the paper paperwork,  portfolios, books and files that you will need.

We hunted worldwide to find these fabulous leather briefcases.  We wanted our vintage leather briefcases to be the best ever. We want the guys that make these  beautiful briefcases to be happy at work.   We want traditional and contemporary styles  and we want you to love your vintage leather briefcase.

See the collection on here Vintage Leather Briefcases

From the feedback so far, we reckon we have it!  Enjoy your vintage leather briefcase and stay in touch!  Tell us all about it!