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Vintage style is becoming increasingly popular in homes and fashion houses nationwide.

As the dictionary definition tell is:

"of high ​quality and ​lasting ​value, or ​showing the ​best and most ​typical ​characteristics of a ​particular ​type of thing, ​especially from the past"

Your beautiful vintage leather bag will display all of these characteristics and and simply look amazingly stylish  wherever you take it.  More about vintage fashion in another post, but your vintage leather bag will stand proudly in its own unique characteristic, which will not be the same as any other. 

Indulging in vintage -ness is nostalgic gold.  Who doesn't remember a first car, for many of us that car is now vintage.  Or if not, likely to have been crushed and recycled!  For those still around seeing a vintage car on the road is a head turner in any case.  Love cars, hate cars, you are simply compelled to turn and check this classic machine out.  

Vintage style is a statement on its own.  Re-inventing those classic designs and colours from the 50's, 60's,  70's is big business and a style worn by some of coolest people around.  Style over fashion means individuality and loving that quirky vintage character that stands out and looks so  special.