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Soft leather weekend holdall

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When out travelling, you need luggage that you can trust!  Our soft leather weekend holdall styles are beautiful in modern contemporary styles, still steeped in tradition.

Our goat hide vintage leather travel  bags are made to last.   Tough and resilient, but still soft and gentle!  Your possessions are safely protected inside, with their large capacious pockets and compartments.  Tough brass buckles keep  your  soft  leather weekend holdall securely fastened and the high quality zips open and close when you decide, not when they decide!

The soft leather weekend holdall delivers its own character.  The grain and markings on the hide are beautiful with their natural imperfections.  You bag gets better and better with age and with the vintage leather is as unique as your thumb print!

Please take a browse through our showroom to checkout the styles and come back to us with any questions.