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Leather weekender bag women's

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Your weekend away is special.   A very special  time, well  earned and one to enjoy and make the most of. Enjoy the ultimate leather weekend bag women's style.  The vintage leather bags are stylish to the max!  Made  with beautiful goat hide, the deep grain and lines bring a character  to the bag that you just don't find elsewhere. Your leather weekender bag women's style is as unique as you are and not the same as anyone else's.

It's tough too! The lightweight leather is as tough as old boots!  It wont let you down and will protect its  precious contents.   The brass buckles and catches  keep your bag secure and the top quality zips open and close  when you tell them to, not when they want to!

Come in and browse  through the showroom.  We have a great choice of leather weekend bags women's style.   Let  us know if you have any questions.