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There are many different kinds of leather around on the market.  These leather variations depend on several factors such as the donor animal and the production process.

We sell a variety of different kinds of vintage leather bags and as such the leather used will vary on the different kinds of leather bags.  Most of our bags are made from goat leather, also commonly known as Morocco Leather.   This is a derivation of the style of leather given as a result of the tanning process rather than a statement of where the leather is sourced from.

Morocco leather is beautiful with its deep grain and rich natural colouring, enhanced with naturally sourced vegetable oils. The oils help in protecting the leather against water damage and keep the goat leather bags soft, supple and in good condition for years to come.

The goat leather is thin and lightweight, but very strong and will  last many years if looked after.  See more about the care of  leather in our other section.  

Our goat leather comes  complete with scars and imperfections that authenticate the beautiful genuine leather.  You will see dark marks and scratches on you bag.  Although these will wear down with time, it is simply natural and a hallmark of real genuine leather.   It  makes  your bag unique and with a design that is not like any other. There will be other leather bags of the same shape, but there will never be one exactly the same with the same character of leather.

Your Morocco leather bag will come complete with that delicious special leather aroma that is characteristic of real leather.  Not  everyone's favorite it seems,  but I have never met anyone who doesn't like it!  In time the leather aroma will fade and there are also ways to speed this process along if you really don't want your fragrant leather aroma.

Love and care for your leather bag!  It will remain loyal to you and part of you,  literally like a second skin.