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Hair Bows Are Here To Stay

The sport of Softball/Fastpitch has continued to evolve and grow in many ways over the last five years. As with any sport not only has the sport evolved but also the gear, and specifically hair bows. Some may associate hair bows with big bows worn by cheerleaders, however that has trickled down to sports like softball. They range from different sizes, colors, materials and can even be customized with team name, numbers, and a vast variety of different options. If you look at the history of hair bows, they can be traced back to the 18th century where they were first worn by both men and women. 

Hair Bows

If you ask some dads and coaches they'll tell you that they don't care for them and quite frankly they don't take bows seriously. However, hair bows have proven to be an accessory that will continue to have an impact on how teams showcase their team sprit. Some girls consider a specific bow their lucky charm and can't be without one while out battling against the competition. Isn't it time for for hair bows to be embraced as part of the softball culture, and even part of being simply being a girl?

What may seem like a distraction for parents and coaches has become a way of life for softball girls. The good thing about hair bows is that they come in various sizes, shapes, and the possibilities are nearly endless. They unite a team, during October they spread awareness for breast cancer, they're cute, and just like socks, a necessity. 

Time to Embrace Hair Bows

Hair Bows are here to stay and whether you love them or hate them it's time to embrace them. They've withstood fashion trends and can be found in almost all aspects of our lives. From acrylic nails and phone cases to dresses and hair, it's evident that they're here to stay and not going anywhere anytime soon. 

Written by Daniel Carriedo of www.craftybowmama.com

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