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Lady’s Leather Handbag. One Careful Owner, Only £35,000 O.N.O

One of the most exclusive handbags on sale online right now.  Reason for sale, the entire family have become Vegan.  A dimension exclusive to owners of the legendary Hermes Birkin bag.

Socialites, Super-Models, Lottery Winners, Squillionaires and Spouses of Squillionaries are all welcome to this elite circle.  And why not!  Join the mega-superstar elite alongside Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham.  The style icons, who belong to the exclusive Hermes Birkin Bag owners club.

Our subject comes with pedigree.   Belonging to an anonymous V.I.P, who was given this exclusive gift by her husband.  It was bought in Milan and flown over to the London Hermes store for collection.  There is a kind of Prince Charming romance here.  Demonstration of love and adulation or a continental sized apology? 

Supplied complete with box, dust bag, padlock and keys (now you can see why the price is ramping up!) Presented with an honest and clear description citing signs of wear to all four corners, slight damage to box lid and slight scuffing to hardware’.

Jump on this offer and get straight to the front of the queue.  Fans of the Hermes Birkin bags, handmade in Paris can wait up to two years for delivery of rare and exclusive designs.   At its peak demand, the wait was as much as six years.

One of the most rare and most exclusive Birkin bags was sold to a lucky bidder from Hong Kong in 2014 for £146,000 at Christies Auction.  Another sold directly from Hermes in 1999 for £284,000. Making surprisingly good financial sense, it is documented that The Hermes Birkin bag can appreciate in value by over 14% annually.  A pretty good investment by anyone’s standard.  Makes this £35k treasure seem like small change in comparison.

The Hermes Birkin bag is a tribute to English sex goddess movie legend Jane Birkin.   The Birkin bag was conceived on a flight from Paris to London where our hero attempted to place an overnight bag in the hold.   As she struggled to keep everything together she was introduced to the gentleman in the next seat.  None other than the boss of Hermes.  There began the start of a beautiful relationship resulting in the pitter patter of Hermes Birkin leather bags retailing for hundreds of thousands of pounds.  Truly a partnership made in heaven.

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