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4 Tips for Finding the Best Tailor in Hoi An

Finding the best tailor in Hoi An can be a daunting task for many. There are more than 600 tailor stores in Hoi An and no traveler has the time to research from store to store. Online research can also be tricky. Most blog articles or TripAdvisor reviews are written by travelers, not tailoring professionals.

We will discuss the various differences between a good suit tailor as compared to a poor quality tailor, or off the rack. So make sure you read on to find our on tips to find the best tailor in Hoi An.

1. In-House Tailors

Having in-house tailors makes any tailor shop in Hoi An far superior than their competitors. In contrast, if you're a showroom owner tailor you basically operate a sweatshop and the workers are paid for each individual item produced and hence, production is often rushed which results in low quality clothes.

However, many “tailors” who are simply showroom owners whose only job is to take measurements claim to have their in-house tailors or factory too. Many popular bloggers believe in these lies and some blogger even claimed that one particular “tailor” (who uses sweatshops) is the best tailor in Hoi An!

2. Finding An In-House Tailor

There are only about five shops in Hoi An with their factory or workshop for controlled production. The best way to tell is to ask the shop to show what goes into their suit and shirts (Lining, Canvas, Shoulder pads). Tailor stores with their tailors will be able to show you these components.

Tailors that outsource to sweatshops will not store these materials. They leave construction totally to sweatshops who do not use the higher quality materials which make a big difference.

3. Construction

There are various ways to construct a suit jacket. The 3 common methods are full canvas, half canvas or fused, with the latter method being the cheapest. Good tailors use horsehair canvas in the interlining to provide the jacket front its shape.

The fused option is the cheapest option and is used mainly by sweatshops, but the suit will look unnatural and the suit will not be durable. Canvas lining makes the suit durable and provides a natural sharp look. Essential areas like lapel and chest area are canvassed to produce the best outcome.

Most Hoi An suits use cheaper, poor quality shoulder pads that feel like sponge and do not give the suit a proper drape. Good tailors will use helsa shoulder pads that make your suit look expensive. So how do you test for these?

4. Recognizing Good Suit Construction

The pinch test is the best way to tell if the suit is canvassed. Above the breast pocket, pinch both the inside and outside of the suit and you should feel a third layer in-between. There are some sweatshops that use fake canvas today so make sure the canvas is not too stiff.

For shoulder pads, simply pinch the shoulders. A low quality shoulder pad will feel like sponge and do not fill the entire shoulder.

The Best Tailor in Hoi An

I can go on about the many tests you can use to check if the tailor you researched is really the best Tailor in Hoi An. But truth is, the construction and having in-house tailors alone are the most crucial elements every customer should look out for to determine a garment's quality. Being misled by blogs and the media, many travelers miss these two key factors out! Happy shopping and have fun when searching for a good tailor in Hoi An!

Written by Kieu Nguyen of
Owner of Vanda Tailors Hoi An

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