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Relax it's Wednesday :)

The Good Thing About Wednesdays

Mondays are typically horrible, Tuesdays are drab, but what about Wednesdays?

Some say that Wednesday is the ‘hump day,’ where the beginning of the week is replaced by the arrival of the end of the week.

For many, the idea of the week being over is very encouraging, because, before we know it, the weekend will be here and everyone knows why the weekends are highly favored.

Going into detail about the good things about the weekend would be like explaining why Christmas is exciting to a child. In my opinion, Mondays aren’t always so horrible, regardless of their notoriety. However, the moment my Monday turns sour, for whatever reason, I immediately blame the fact that it’s Monday.

Only on a Monday would I be running late, forget my coffee (as I’m leaving the driveway), go back to get it when I trip on a cat, spill the coffee and ruin my collared shirt…all before 8AM.

Then there’s Tuesday, where nothing exciting ever happens, except for Black Tuesday–part of the 1929 Stock Market Crash–and September 11; both of which were exciting in a horrible sense. But Tuesdays are typically just Tuesday; not memorable and simply there to fill the spot between Monday and Wednesday.

Wednesdays, on the other hand, are full of all kinds of excitement for more than one reason. Wednesdayscould arguably be the most favored weekday…even if you’re unaware of its significance. On Wednesday, you are exactly in the middle of the week, which means that the horrors of Monday are long gone and your weekend is quickly approaching.

Wednesdays are also the day when you decide if you’re going to have either a good, or bad week. If you have overall bad days Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; you can almost guarantee that you’re going to label that week as ‘bad.’ We all have experienced enough bad and really bad weeks to know that bad weeks can end up ruining an entire weekend.

Therefore, if you remind yourself that Wednesday is a sign that the weekend is near and tell yourself that you’re going to make the best of Thursday and Friday, no matter how horrible your week has been so far; you’re bound to have an amazing, non-ruined weekend.

When you experience amazing, non-ruined weekends, you’re fully prepared for the beginning of a new week and are ready to face whatever inconveniences Monday throws at you.

Perhaps Wednesday isn’t your favorite day of the week, but you have to admit that it plays a rather significant role and whichever way it ends up rolling is entirely up to you.


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