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Leather and Me!

What makes a person want to create a livelihood working with vintage leather?

Where the world seems to be overwhelmed with technology and newness, the ability to work with something steeped in ancient tradition just seems like a perfect balance.  Chasing the newest phone, car, fashions and fads seems to be a way of life for the majority.  A choice of fashion, manufactured and processed over style that is grown and loved through the ages.

Most of our messenger bags and laptop bags are made from goat leather.  More about the merits of this coming up in a later blog, but just in brief, it looks stunning!  Check out one of our most popular laptop bags for men and the vintage colouring is just beautiful. 

We will be giving one of these gorgeous genuine leather laptop messenger bags away in a competition very soon, so join us on Twitter or Facebook to enter.

Working with leather always raises a smile.  Either with the style icons, who just love leather bags and accessories or with the cheeky minded who can't help a naughty snigger as soon as leather is brought up!  Years ago I was working as a sales rep and had just bought my first place. Our office secretary, Sharon, found great delight in broadcasting to all that my 'leather gear had arrived' following a telephone call from a furniture shop.  Probably a good thing that this was a long time prior to social media!

How often to we buy something at a reasonable price, that lasts for ages and just gets better as the years go by?  Wine is one, leather is another.  A beaten up vintage leather briefcase carries style and gravitas that  says this person is a keeper.  There is trust.  A worn down leather settee or chair is quite literally a second skin.  

There is no substitute for the aged grace that beholds our long standing leather companions.  They are part of us and as we age gracefully or disgracefully, they join us. That laptop bag or briefcase is with us when we go to the dream job interview or pull off that earth shattering business deal.  The leather travel bag joins us on our discoveries and adventures with experience and memories that are part of us just like your loyal travelling companion.

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Have a great day and stay in touch!

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