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Make Your Own White Dream Catcher (Crochet)

Making a white dream catcher (crochet) is a creative way to show your creativeness. There are actually many ways to make a dream catcher using many different colors, but white is considered as the most popular. You can always use white feathers to create different designs in your dream catchers. The first thing to do is to decide how big you want your dream catcher to be. It can help you choose the size of the metal ring. The metal ring will be the base of your dream catcher, so make the decision very well.

After deciding the size of the metal ring, you need to prepare all the materials needed including the glue, the scissors, paperclips, white feathers, white beads, string, and white accessories such as laces and strings.  Make sure that the materials you have are ready before starting this project. This is not a simple job since it takes time and it can make you tired especially if you cannot finish the job properly as you want it to be.

To make your dream catcher more interesting, you can wrap your metal ring with white suede lacing so that you can get all parts of the dream catcher white including the metal ring. The most challenging part in this project can be the part when you need to wrap string to the metal ring as the catcher. Never let the string loose since it will be uninteresting. You might need to try it again and again until you get the best wrap that tightly made in the center of the metal ring. You can also make a hanger using the suede lace so that you can hang the dream catcher in your bedroom once it is finished. Making a white dream catcher (crochet) is not easy, but you can use your creativity to end up with the most sophisticated one.

Written by Budivis of www.budivis.com
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