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5 Unique Bridal Gift Ideas

Bridal gifts are great ways to celebrate the brides and grooms in your lives. They are important tokens of love to the people who we really care about but one of the most stressful things is to decide what to buy. If you have a certain budget and do not have enough to spend luxuriously, here are some unique gift ideas that are thoughtful and not even so pricey. They will definitely delight the couple and give them something to remember and cherish!

1. Embroidered Linens

Embroidered linens are unique bridal gifts ideas and can be bought at many cheap big stores. You can also get linens stitched and embroidered to make towels, pillowcases, bed sheets and covers. You can even put the names of the bride and the groom as a monogram to give a personalized feel to the gifts.

2. Dinner for Two

One of the most thoughtful and unique gift ideas is to arrange a memorable dinner for the couple along a cute basket of the dinner essentials and their favourite wine. This is great way to show that you are considering about the important staples the newlywed might be needing after marriage.

3. Framed Photos

If the couple is a close friend of yours, you can get framed photos or even a framed copy of their wedding invitation. Keeping such memories in a frame is a great gift idea which the couples would cherish for good. You can even get some empty frames which the couple could fill up later on along with beautiful and inspiring quotes for the two. Pictures and personalized frames can just not go wrong!

4. Honeymoon Essentials

If you know where exactly the couple is planning to go on their honeymoon, you can come up with a few throughout travel gifts ideas that can make their trip interesting. If the couple is off to a beach vacation, get them a basket of matching beach towels, sunscreen and some nice reading books. If they are off to an adventurous trip which includes skiing and hiking, get them a first aid kit, trendy sunglasses and a disposable camera perhaps. If your friends are off to a road trip, get them a prepaid gas card or mixed CDs along with some healthy snacks.

5. Sexy Lingerie

If it’s your closest friends wedding, get her something she would undoubtedly need and would love to own after her wedding. A sexy piece of lingerie would definitely be a cheesy gift idea but hey its your best friend’s wedding and you would want to make her wedding experience truly special for her, right? So pick her favorite color lingerie with nice scents or body essentials kit.

Written by Gianna of uniqueandlovely.com
Gianna is a professional fashionista, critic of fashion trends and women s issues. Blogger for Unique and Lovely a plus size fashion brand with a focus on delivering what women want and need.

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